Learn Amazing Ways to Wake up Feeling Fresh in the Morning!

Jun 05, 2017 @ 01:05 AM By Damandeep Kaur

Do you feel groggy in the mornings? If you wish to wakeup earlier and fresh, you need to develop a routine that lets you maintain your healthiest patterns even if you feel restless. Try to reach bed daily at the same time as it will increase the chances of waking up in same time. Try to develop a comprehensive bedtime routine that teaches your body to fall asleep on the same time. Due to combination of our bad habits like lack of exercise and bad diet, we have thrown our circadian rhythm clocks completely out of whack. Once the alarm clock strikes, you put it off and again enjoy your sleep, and there is no match of that comfy sleep, isn’t it right? But, how to beat that moment and wakeup early and fresh? No need to stress over it, as it is very easy and from now you will start waking up refresh and early. Scroll down to learn amazing ways to ditch the alarm and wakeup fresh! Keep reading! 

1) Complete your Sleep

First of all, to wake up refreshed, you need to get enough sleep. But, how much you should sleep to feel refreshed? An adult must sleep at least 7-8 hours and children must sleep 9-11 hours. Always taking more or less sleep can make you feel lazy and sleepy. Fir adults it is enough to take 9-11 hours of sleep, but older adults like senior citizens should take some small naps in the day time too. Newborns and toddlers require 9-10 hours and roughly 3 hours of naptime.

2) Go to Bed Happy With Your Partner

One of the best ways to get a sound sleep is going to the bed when you are relaxed and stress-free. If you have any issue with your partner, solve it before hitting the bed. In a relationship never let the sun set on an argument, even if you have to compromise a little bit on your own ego. What say about this? As sleep is as important as breathing and eating, comprise on your ego and take sound sleep peacefully.

3) Sleep in The Dark Room

So, it is very important to make a sleeping environment before sleeping. Close the curtains if you are living in the place, where your home is surrounded by the lots of streetlamps. Take laptops, led lights, computers out of the room and avoid exposure to bright light in the hours before you sleep. You can read a book or watch television before reaching the bed. If you are not able to avoid light in the bedroom, you can also wear a night mask.

4) Exercise

Exercise, swim, dance, walk or ride a cycle, as these things will help you get sound sleep in the night. Do not exercise hard before two hours of sleep as you body will be too excited to get sleep. Quit all the bad habits like sleeping long in the daytime, smoking, drinking, and taking any kind of drugs.


5) Don't Eat Before Going to Bed

Never eat prior going to bed as your body works just after eating, so you would not be able to sleep properly as your body would work to digest the food you would eat. Even being hungry will also hamper your sleep, so never sleep hungry as you might need to take midnight meal to avoid cravings. Avoid dark chocolates, caffeine, alcohol, cigarette, and tea 4-5 before sleeping. But you can opt for relaxing beverages and herbal tea before sleeping.

6) Go to Toilet Before Going Bed!

Even if you don't feel like going to the washroom before sleeping, go to squeeze out whatever you can squeeze out. Your kidneys can work fine if you will go before sleeping and in the morning, your bladder will be full.

7) How to Wake up in The Right Way?

Don't be dependent on alarm clocks, as it can make you feel irritated and stressed in the morning. Try to wake up by your own, and don't depend on the alarm clocks. Try to wake up in the sun's direction, as the sunlight will make you feel refreshed. Once you wake up, drink a glass of warm water and take shower instantly to kickstart your circulation.