Reasons Why Girls Should Say Bye-Bye To Underwear Right Now

Jun 01, 2017 @ 08:02 AM By Damandeep Kaur

Don’t you get sick of changing and washing your innerwear’s daily? I mean, you must feel lazy washing or change it daily or when you are getting late you can’t get time to do these things. That happens! Don’t feel lazy as you will be amazed to see the benefits of not wearing underwear every day. Have you ever imagined your life without panties? Just give it a thought, isn’t it relaxing? Yes, it feels super comfortable; no piece of cloth is bothering you in your private part! Even many researchers have found that underwears are big issues! Here we are sharing some of the scientific reasons which will surely compel you to throw your panties. But don’t throw them! You will need them in your periods, keep them in your cupboard. 

1) Enjoy The Air!

As underwear does not allow air to the lady part, it often gets infected by yeast. So giving space to your lady part would be beneficial for your health and hygiene. Keep lady part circulated because the circulation of air keeps it healthy and infection free.

2) It Locks Moisture!

Underwear locks the moisture which locks the air and irritates the lady part. The moisture in the lady part cause infections and irritation.

3) Save Money

Obviously, you will save your money, as you will not be required to hit the market to buy underwears.

4) Say Goodbye to VPL!

You also must have experienced this situation and you must be required to be choosy while buying underwears. There is nothing more embarrassing than the visible panty line, which ruins your fashion. You'll never have to worry about that once you give up your panty.


5) It Save Water!

obviously, you don't have to wash your thongs and that's not enough you will save water too.

6) Surprise Your Husband!

there is no doubt that your man would be loved to see you pantyless and he will get excited!

7) It is Important!

Sometimes it is very important to go pantyless. It feels comfortable, and you'll burst out of pleasure. There is no better time to start than right now. Go, girl and enjoy your freedom!