You Must Try THIS To Get Rid Of Annoying Foot Blister

Jun 01, 2017 @ 02:44 AM By Damandeep Kaur

If you are from those who love wearing ballerina shoes or the one who loves to show off their strappy and colorful heels, then you must have experienced annoying blisters at some point of time. These little bumps are quite painful and can make your feet look unappealing.  Do you know why blisters occur? They occur on toes as a result of friction on the warm and moist skin. It mostly happens when you are running or walking while wearing poor fitter shoes or a new pair of shoes.

Some of the blisters are quite good to heal by their own, but at the time it becomes the tough and annoying process to treat them and wait till it heals. Here we are sharing some easy step by step guide to get rid of these culprits. 

1) Prevent Blisters!

Blisters are formed when the skin is filled and raised with fluid, they can be very painful while walking and bathing. If you wish to prevent from blisters, never buy poorly fitted shoes and make sure that your shoes are neither too loose nor too tight. And in case you are wearing tight shoes, never forget to wear socks as it will not absorb the moisture, but wear nylon socks.

2) Treating Blisters

Soak your feet in the lukewarm water to treat the blisters. You can also add some Epsom salt so that it can soothe your feet. Soak your feet for 10-15 minutes, it will make the skin around blister soft so that it will be easy to drain the blister.

3) To Burst or Not?

It is mostly suggested to allow time to heal on its own, but if you wish to treat you can treat it. Before popping your blister, make sure that your hands are clean and wash them with anti-bacterial soap before. Make sure to use a pin that must be sterilized, en gently puncture at a spot close to the edge of the blister and let it drain perfectly.


4) Change The Dressing Daily

Now you have popped out the blister, now you need to do dressing for few days to heal it. For dressing get a nonstick bandage and change it every day.

5) Now It is The Time to Disinfect The Skin

Once your blister is drained completely, do not pull out the loose skin, Disinfect the skin with an antiseptic and cover it with a gauze or bandage.

6) Follow These Steps and Say Good Bye to Blister Naturally!

Make sure to clean the area carefully as you must not get any kind of infections. Apply an antiseptic cream daily while changing the bandage. It will prevent you from any kind of infection. So whenever you got blister try this method and enjoy your comfortable walk.