How To Choose The Best Lipstick For Your Skin Tone?

May 31, 2017 @ 08:06 AM By Damandeep Kaur

Lipstick is a product that can make you look perfect, even if you have not applied anything else. When girls are in hurry, they apply kohl pencil and lipstick, and that is enough in routine. This is a beauty product which, can be found in every girl’s vanity box. Millions of shades are available in lipstick with millions of texture, and in that case, it is obvious to become confused before picking up the right lip shade for you.  

Often women do not know which lip shade will suit them the best. To pick the right shade and make an impulsive purchase, it is important to know what points to consider before buying lipstick. Do not worry as I am sharing useful tips or guidelines, you can follow to buy the best lipstick for you. Take a look!

1) Try Testers!

Almost all the brands provide a tester for their lipstick. So whenever you are going to buy a lipstick, try the tester on your wrist. It is because the skin tone of the wrist is similar to the skin tone of the face.

2) Pick Matte Finish!

There is no doubt that matte finishes lipstick are long lasting than other soft or glossy lipstick. It will not come out when you will eat something, so it is better to opt for matte finishes lipstick.The pigment of matter finish is better as they bring out the color on lips same it is in the tube. Another advantage is they are not too sticky or messy.

3) See The Skin Color Card

This is the skin matching lipstick shade card which you can also get in the stores. Match your skin with the shades available and pick matching lipstick for you. If you are still not able to make the decision, you can take assistance from beautician or the makeup experts.


4) Some More Lip Shades According to Your Lipstick!

  • Fair or light skin: Pinkish red or coral. Try out bold colours.
  • Tan or medium skin: Reds, orange reds and wine colours
  • Deep skin: Blue based red, metallic ruby red, burgundy, deep wine
  • Beige Complexion: Shades of pink & red
  • Olive: Nude, Orange, pink, red-almost all colours work on olive complexion.
  • Bronze Complexion: N*de & bold shades.
  • 5) Some Useful Lips to Enhance The Beauty of Your Lips!

    It is suggested to try the lipstick in natural light as you may need to wear that lipstick in day function so always try in natural light. Apply lip balms to make your lips soft and apply balm as a coat. Drink lots of water to keep it hydrated and soft.