Tricks To Make Your Girl Happy Are Revealed. #5 Is So Obvious

May 31, 2017 @ 07:34 AM By Damandeep Kaur

Many times you must have seen your girlfriend sad and low, and you try your best to make her feel good. But you failed many times, believe me, it is not that hard to keep a girl happy, as they can be happy with some small gestures you never know. Actually, girls are very sweet, soft hearted and innocent by nature and they just need some care and a reminder time-to-time that you are with her.

 While many of you think that girls are tough to handle, but that is not because they are complicated or they demand a lot, that is because you don’t know what exactly they want to be happy. So, don’t worry here I am sharing some useful tips to make her happy with some easy ways. If you will try these tricks, in few minutes she will easily melt down for you! So, scroll down to get easy and effective ways to make your girlfriend happy. 

1) Spend Quality Time With Her!

You may love your partner a lot but that is not enough, as you need to be expressive and spend some quality time with her. Surprise her with an instant dinner plan, short trips or weekend tour where you two can spend quality time with each other. Don't answer any phone call or message when you are with her, as she must feel that you have taken special time for her.

2) Surprise Her

There is no doubt that surprises can make any girl crazy, but surprises don't mean that you need to give her expensive ring at all. Even she never want expensive things like that, they just want your time and small things like chocolate, roses, and any small gift item. They love that you thought of surprising her, and that's what make her feel special.

3) Play With Her!

Yes, special time doesn't always mean that you need to spend the night under the stars or a romantic date, you can also play with her like the video game or pillow fight. Believe me, it will make her really happy if you bring out your video games and play together with her. Even if she is not in a good mood, once she sees the little child side of you, she will love to be with the kid inside you.


4) Tickling Games

Just play with her on the bed and, just play the old school game of tickling. This cute game will make her forget her worries and it will boost her mind.

5) Take her Out for Shopping!

Undoubtedly every girl love shopping! Take some time and take her out for shopping, even if you would make a shopping plan in last minute, she will not refuse it. Shopping is the ultimate pick me up for all girls.

6) Make Tasty Food For Her!

Before she wakes up, be ready for a tasty breakfast. Even if it is a simple a sandwich, she will love that you made special efforts to make her happy. This pleasant surprise will set her in right mood.