These Rare Uses Of Salt Will Give You Amazing Results

May 31, 2017 @ 05:41 AM By Damandeep Kaur

 Our bodies are consist of same concentration of nutrients and mineral like sea water, so it is not shocking that salt naturally balance, restore and protect skin and body. Salt is basically a chemical compound, which is widely used in cooking for taste. But, do you know apart from cooking, salt can be used for multiple things? I don’t think that many of us are acquainted with its various functions from cooking as it is the most common ingredient available in the market.  From long, salt has been widely used for number of things like disinfection of house hold items or cleaning. Salt does not have any toxic properties and this is the reason people use salt to disinfect and clean household item. So, don’t think too much as we are sharing amazing use of salt in the house. Keep scrolling!

1) Salt Keeps Ants Away!

Are you annoyed because of ants in the kitchen? Here is an effective solution for you to permanently say bye-bye to ants! Salt is the perfect solution to say goodbye toants from your food storage cupboards or windows. Sprinkle some salt one the corners of the kitchen or the areas where ants attack the most or from they enter. You can also add salt in the water while cleaning the surface or floor to keep ants away.

2) Use Salt to Clean Your Old Ornaments!

Silver, brass, and copper ornaments demand extra care and cleaning. It is important to clean them often because they become fading quickly. Mix some vinegar and salt as it is very easy and non-corrosive solution to maintain silver or sensitive ornaments. You won’t believe the results as they will shine again like a new one.

3) Wash Your Car With Salt!

If you wish to remove stubborn dirt from windows and car, then mix a few tablespoons of salt in lukewarm water. This mixture can be used for cleaning the stained windows. It will surely make them as new giving you a long-lasting result. This mixture can also be used for car windows.

4) Clean Sink Drains

Sometimes it is very tough to clean the sink because the sink becomes stinky ad greasy due to oil. Pour mixture of hot water and salt in the sink, as the salt will melt the grease buildup causing the clogged drain and make the sinks smell fresh.


5) It is Natural Skin Exfoliator

When it comes to cosmetic, salt can solve multipurpose here too. The blend of salt and olive oil will be an effective skin to open enlarges pores. You can scrub your whole body with this mixture, and then shower to clean the dirt. Being very effective body scrub, it revitalizes the skin by eliminating all the dead skin cells.

6) Restores Old Color

If you have lost the colors of your curtains, shoes, rugs or any cloth, then you can give then new birth by using salt. Soak a cloth water mixed with salt and rub the faded rugs and carpets with it. Any dirt and stains will be cleaned that were not possible before with standard detergents.

7) Tooth Remedies

In case you are dealing with oral pain, then you can gargle with water mixed with salt. It works as an amazing disinfectant mouthwash and has laxative effects.

8) It Prevents Shirking of Clothes!

When washing clothes add some salt to the water, as it will prevent clothes from getting shrunk.