How To Find A Fake Michael Kors Bag?

May 31, 2017 @ 03:41 AM By Damandeep Kaur

We all are aware that Michael Kors is a worldwide brand for handbags. Their quality is amazing and the details are the reason it has surpassed all the other brands. As it is so famous, many companies are producing its fake handbags with the same name tag and decorating their shop shelves in the market. Many innocent buyers like you end up buy thinking that they are original bags. But you must always purchase from an original store rather than purchase from anywhere else.

A real Michael Kors bag cost about $300 where you will get a fake Michael Kors bag around $30 dollars. Here we are sharing some important features of Michael Kors bag which will help you to buy the original one.  Below we are comparing twp handbags which look similar, but one is original and one is fake.These pictures below will work as a guide for you to identify the original from the fake:

1) Texture!

Before picking the right bag, make sure that the texture must be dense withy tiny criss-cross or diagonal pattern made from machine stamping procedure. Don't forget to check the texture, as it should be made ith calf leather. The fake one will be made up with PU/artificial leather and texture with be floppy and soft.

2) Now Let's Come to Logo!

This is really easy to determine which is the real logo! The real Michael Kors bags bag's logo will be perfectly aligned and slightly pushed towards the leather. You can see that the logo of the fake bag is neither pushed nor aligned.

3) Now Check Handles!

Even you can see the difference of both handles' quality in the image. The real handle is quite tough and tight while the fake one is filled with foam and quite soft and smooth.

4) Now Look at the Buckles!

The buckles of original bag is a round shape while the shape of the fake one seems simply rounded one.


5) Check The Side of The Bags!

You can see the original one is stiff and have a huge gap between the sides but you can see that the fake one have less space between the sides and it's been lost. You can also see the corners of the sides, comparatively original one's having good quality.

6) Zippers & Fasteners

The real Michael Kors has a brass finish on the zippers and fasteners whereas the fake ones are metallic coated finish. You can also differentiate in the shape of the zippers one in rounded and the real one is having a rectangular shape.

7) Shoulder Strap

The quality of the real's one shoulder strap is amazing and there is solid clasp with a holding band, whereas fake version has a band stitched into the seam.

8) Insides

Needless to say, difference is clear the real one is MK uses a soft fabric with MK logo pattern facing in the same direction and the fake one screaming MK in different directions.