Gross Reasons You Should Never, Ever Wear The Same PJs 2 Days In A Row

May 31, 2017 @ 02:29 AM By Damandeep Kaur

If you have been wearing your same PJ continuously for a week, then it is the time you must change it right away. You will be shocked to know the fact that men wait an average of 13 days to change their lower whereas, women wait for 17 days on an average. And that's true, there are very few people who often wash and change their lower. It is very unhealthy and unhygienic to wear same lower for a week or more than that, it is the time we must break this silly habit.  Wearing the same PJs for days on end is actually very unhygienic. Here’s why you need to change your PJs every day. 

 Not only lower’s, there are people who don't even change their underwear’s for weeks, stop your unhygienic habits right away as its results can lead to many health related issues! Let’s take a look how it is so harmful to us! 

1) Staph Infections

Have you ever felt some tickling due to the fabric you are wearing? If you will wear the same piece of fabric over and over again, the staph bacteria will begin to collect in your PJs and will irritate you. These colonies of staph are very harmful and they can get the skin from ingrown nails, breaks in the body, and via skin cuts. Changing and washing often will frequently help kill of staph and prevent you will many life-threatening skin infections. So to save you from this kind of infection daily change your PJs and wash them often.

2) You Will Get Cysts and Pimples!

No one will ever like to get pimples on their skin, would you? They are even frustrating when you know that you could have prevented. When you will not change your PJs, it will start to build bacterias and germs on the fabric, and it can reach your skin easily. It might also make your pores infected and blocked them. Infected pores will lead to unpleasant pimples and acnes which can surely spoil your mood as well.

3) Dust Mites

Do you know what are dust mites? These are micro bacteria creature that lives in every home. You can get rid of them easily by changing your PJs and bedsheet more often.

4) Nasty Smell!

We are aware that not showering and changing clothes may lead to certain bad smell issues. In order to say goodbye to nasty smell, you need to clean your clothes often and change your PJs regularly.


5) It Can Make You Feel Lazy and Lethargic!

Wearing dirty PJs at night might also make you feel lazy in the morning, especially if you’re someone who showers at night. Waking up and quickly changing out of your nightclothes and into your workwear can be an unpleasant feeling, like tracking dirt into a clean house.

6) Sleepless Nights

If you will sleep wearing clean and fresh pyjama, you will feel refreshed and you will fall asleep easily. But, sleeping in dirty jammies can keep you up at night, as you feel itchy, or just not quite comfy in your pajamas.

7) You Might Get Allergies!

Sleeping in dirty PJs can also lead you to various allergies, especially if you are allergic to dust. Health issues like asthma, respiratory issues, and dust allergies can bother you especially in the night, so always change your clothes before sleeping.

8) More Bugs

When you wear old pajama, you are forcing your immune system to fight with staph bacteria and pimple-causing germs and oils. That means you are becoming probable to catch other diseases and infections.