A Serious Alarm For Chocolate Lovers – Here’s Why You Should not Eat Chocolates

May 31, 2017 @ 01:05 AM By Damandeep Kaur

Through chocolate is delicious, sweet and gives a pleasant taste, but apart from its advantages, there are some disadvantages linked with this product. While we can eat any food item in moderation as the excess of anything is bad. Excess of anything is bad, and when it comes to girls they are crazy for chocolates but they have to reduce its intake. There are several nutritional disadvantages that may make it a poor choice for your diet. Before eating chocolate of any choice do not forget to check its nutritional facts written on the back side of the packet.

There are some chocolates that are low in calories and fats; still, it has oils that can transfer the fat to the heart. As a result, a chocolate lover must look unto the label first. So, let’s take a look at the disadvantages of our most favorite dessert chocolate. 

1) Chocolate Contain Caffeine!

Chocolate contains a small amount of caffeine, and it also contains another closely related substance known as theobromine in larger levels, and the presence of these two closely related substances has been the cause of much confusion among chocolate lovers.Now as you know it has caffeine, it is your choice whether you wish to have chocolate or not.

2) Chocolates Are Not Really Nutritional

You must have always heard that chocolates are very healthy and nutritional, but it is not very healthy for your body. Extra carbs are not very healthy for your body as it can make you fat, but nutrients mentioned are contained in pure cocoa powder so chocolate gives you extra carbs.

3) Weight Gain

As mentioned above chocolates contains much of carbs and if your metabolism rate is poor, then you must not eat many chocolates as it can make you fat. If you are happy with your belly, then there is no problem keep eating, but it can lead to many health issues.


4) Chocolate Causes Cavities!

Needless to say, chocolates contains sugar in high amount, so do not overeat chocolate as it can cause cavities and other health related issues.

5) There might be a scarcity!!!

Do you know that there is a scarcity of chocolates in the market? Research says that consumption of chocolate is at a very high rate. This will lead to the extermination of cocoa plants. You don’t wish to permanently stop eating chocolates, do you? So you just need to bring down the consumption now.

6) You Might be in The Risk of Diabetes!

Like I already mentioned that sugar content of chocolates is very high. This will increase the risks of you being diabetic that too at an early age. So you should not eat too much of chocolates.