Know How To Apply Glitters On Eyes Without Making Mess?

May 30, 2017 @ 02:49 AM By Damandeep Kaur

When it comes to glitter eyeshadow, it is my personal favorite as it adds glam to our look.  It can make your casual makeup look eye catchy and appealing. But, the worst part is, it is tough to apply glitter eyeshadow. If glitter applied in the wrong way, it can spread all around your face and cheeks and can spoil the makeup. So it is suggested to do eyes makeup first then apply base makeup as corrections can be made anytime.  And it is a great idea to clean up glitter then apply the foundation after that. So as we are aware that it is a tough task, but that doesn’t mean that we should not even try. Here I am sharing easy ways to apply glitter without any hassle and mess. After learning this tutorial, you will love applying glitter eyeshadow. Scroll down to see an amazing tutorial for glitter eye makeup.

1) Make A Base For Eye Makeup!

The most important step in any makeup is makeup base. So choose a right primer before applying eye makeup. Apply the primer to fix the makeup in its place. Primer helps to reduce the production of oil so glitter will not lose its place.

2) Create An Eyeshadow Base!

Now pick a creamy eyeshadow and apply it on your lids. Make sure that the shade should match your dress and skin. It must not look highlighted and over. You need to pick the shade that looks subtle and sober.

3) Prepare Your Glitter

If you will directly dip eyeshadow brush into glitter, you may loose some of it on your skin. So, first dip brush gently into water then place a piece of cloth under your eyes, and apply glitter.With the help of another hand, coat the brush with glitter and gently apply over the lid. The tip is blinked repeatedly to lose the excess glitter on the tissue paper.


4) Clean Up Areas Around Eyes!

Now remove the tissue paper or piece of cloth from your eyes and wth the help of cotton clean areas around your eyes. After that apply the base on face and continue makeup.

5) One Amazing Suggestion for Bold Look!

To get the bold look, apply same color lipstick and you are ready to grab the attention in the party! All the best!

6) See Applying Glitter Eye Shadow is so easy!

The only trick is to dip the brush before in water so that you won't end up spreading glitter on all over face.