Know These 3 Type Of Kisses That Actually Your Lady Wants From You…

May 29, 2017 @ 03:56 AM By Damandeep Kaur

Kissing your woman is not only a move of love making, it also increases the bond and makes you both closer.  Do you think that touching her softly on her cheeks and lips is sufficient, or you must do something else to turn her on? It is high time, forget about all those common kisses, and try something new and interesting

Kissing can’t be important to you only, as it is important for both of the genders.  In comparison with men, for females, it is of a little more value. Do you know that the way of kissing your lady love can intuitively pick up on personality? So, it is the time you must know which kind of kisses women loves the most and which kind of kiss can compassionate every woman.

1) She Wants A Tiny Gentle Kiss!

It is all about expression! With the gentle kiss, you can express your love for her. Not applying to much pressure on her lips can make a memorable moment for both of you. The gentle kiss is all about caring, loving and hugging each other gently. If you have not expressed love so long, then try this kiss and she will understand your feelings!

2) She Wants a Single Lip Kiss!

It is not always important to grab her lips and keep kissing. A single kiss will also work same, and for many women, it is intimating and engaging. This love kiss indicates a deeper love for one another.


3) A Single Kiss on Cheeks

It is the best kiss to say that you love, care and find her very cute. Some men are very bad at expressing feelings, but by kissing on your lady's love cheeks you can make her feel that she is the most beautiful and adorable woman in the world. After all expressing love is very important for everyone to keep relation healthy.