These Bra Hacks Will Change Your Life, #6 Will Make You Fall in Love!

May 26, 2017 @ 07:35 AM By Damandeep Kaur

Girls there are no doubt that your life is not easy! This post will surely make your life easy as it will focus on the most important thing of your life.   It is something you hate, but you cannot do anything without them! Bras are mostly hated by many as they might make feel uncomfortable and uneasy. That is not enough, even it is tough to find the right size of the bra.  Bra plays a key role in ruining or enhancing a woman’s beauty.  Do not worry and get frustrated as I am going to share some important bra hacks that will simply blow your mind. Keep reading! 

1) Use Paper Clip to Hide Bra Strap

Do you feel embarrassed because of your bra straps? Can't show off your favorite dress? Use your paper clip kept in your wardrobe and simply tie the straps. Now flaunty whatever you wear with confidence and smile!

2) Feel Hassle to Store Bras?

Do you feel hassle in managing your bra? Hang all the bras in one hanger instead of putting them in a drawer. It keeps cups of the bra in shape and also saves time.

3) Use Camisole to Hide Your Cleavage!

If you become embarrassed and uncomfortable while wearing low neck top, wear a camisole under the bra so that you can be easy and comfortable.

4) Make Sure You Are Wearing The Right Size!

Finding the right size is complicating task but it is very crucial.Pop your hand into your bra across your back, where your band sits- if you can fit more than two fingers through the gap then your bra is too big. If you can’t fit any of your fingers then you need a bigger bra. Girl, you gotta breathe too!


5) Wash Your Bra Gently!

Do not wash your bra in the machine as it may reduce its life. Hand wash is best as it will increase its durability and will keep fabric soft and smooth.

6) Strapless Bra High In The Sky!

You only need ONE strap for this. Remove the other Strap. Now keep one strap attached to the bra and bring it around the front, under your bust. Then simply attach it to the other side! This hack is great and it totally works.

7) For More Interesting Hacks, Take a Look At This Video!