Here Are 6 Dangers That Hide In Your Cosmetic Products, #5 Is Lethal

May 26, 2017 @ 04:54 AM By Damandeep Kaur

How often you do makeup? Maybe once in a week or daily, do you know that it can be harmful to your skin?  Do you know about the ingredients makeup products makers use in their products? Cosmetics industry always hit the high sales in the market every year. You must have seen many creative techniques they use in advertising on the radio, multimedia, television, magazines, and more commonly on the internet. But do you actually believe those extra fancy ads? Eyeliner, Mascara, lipsticks, eyeshadow kit, and blushes are the most important part of your bag, but do you know how harmful they can be? You need to be extra careful as while using them and leaving them uncovered will make them contaminated with bacteria, fungi, microbes, and fecal matter would be carried through. They are very harmful as you might get an infection.     

We are not aware but there are many dangerous industrial chemicals present in these cosmetics which absorb by the skin while applying leading to cancer and hormone disruption.You just need to be extra smart and read all the ingredients chemicals displayed on product labels, you can avoid the illnesses and save your precious life by adding some more years. Daily exposure to chemicals is one of the most leading causes of chronic diseases. Here in this post, we are sharing some of the dangers hidden inside your makeup. Scroll down to see the link: 

1) Parabens / Preservatives

Paraben is widely used as preservatives in many cosmetics products. The aim of adding them to products is pleasant fragrance. They can easily enter the skin and influence the hormone function and estrogen level inside the body. They can also be found high in human breast cancer tumors and tissues. Common products like body lotions and moisturizers also include this ingredient. If you find this ingredient in your product, limit its usage or apply occasionally.

2) DBP

It is known as DBP (Dibutyl Phthalate), it is widely used in hair sprays and nail products. It is a harmful toxic as can cause harm to fertility issues and unborn child. So, if you have conceived, do not use products with this ingredient. It is so harmful as it can also affect sperm counts and genetic mutations. DBP can also affect major health issues like kidney failure and major hazards.

3) Coal Tar Dyes

This ingredient is widely used in a cosmetic product like colors, hair dyes, shampoo, eye shadow, and dry skin treatments. They are derived from petroleum which can cause cancer as well. They also contain aluminum compounds which are toxic to the brain.


4) Phthlates

They are used in cosmetics products like nail polish and hair spray. They help to keep hair spray sticky and eliminate bacteria and fungus out of perfume and nail polish.

5) Propylene Glycol

Do you love applying lipstick, deodorant and face cream? If yes, then you need to limit the use as propylene glycol is the active ingredient used in many cosmetic products like antifreeze. It can also cause certain allergies depending on the type of person’s skin. It can cause acne, breakouts, and rashes as well. Over application and direct contact with skin may lead to creating issues in kidney, liver, and brain. Even it can also cause health issues like nausea, cough, and headache, redness of skin, cancer, acne, swelling and redness of the skin.

6) Talc

Talc is a respiratory toxin widely used in baby powder, cosmetic talcum powder or an astringent powder or foundation for the absorption of moisture in blush and prevents the rashes on the diaper-covered area. It is basically a mineral, however; while processing, it is not able to remove the harmful fibers which are the major reason of lung, ovarian and testicular cancer.