Learn How to Make Nose Look Smaller With or Without Makeup?

May 26, 2017 @ 03:26 AM By Damandeep Kaur

One can lose weight, increase height by exercise, but it is impossible to change nose shape as you can change your nose with any exercise. But, thanks to makeup as makeup can make it happen easily and you can get perfect shape in few fines. It is common to be concerned about the size and shape of makeup, but surgery is an expensive way of obtaining the desired shape. But if you are not able to get confidence because of your wide nose, and then you can try to contour and highlight the shape of your nose to give perfect illusion of slim nose.  So why are you waiting? Be confident and follow these amazing tips to reshape your nose with makeup. It is easy and amazing, you will love it! Scroll down! 

1) Contour Your Nose!

Countering is a way to highlight your bones and create a shadow on the face. To contour the nose you will near contouring kit and foundation. Pick a darker shade foundation to create lines on the nose bone around the bridge of the nose. If you wish to try, you can also use dark eye shadow.

2) Apply Darker Foundation On Nose

If your nose is a bit long, simply apply a darker shade of foundation on the tip and beneath the tip (on the side of your nostrils) to make your nose appear shorter.But you can't make it look long if you have a shorter nose, to make it look slimmer blend the darker foundation.

3) You Can Always Draw Away From Nose's Attention By Applying Bold Lipstick!

If you feel embarrassed or underconfident because of your nose, you can also apply bold pink, red, purple, dark brown lipstick to draw away the attention from the nose


4) Apply Highlighter On The Bridge of Nose to Highlight The Middle Part!

Do not apply highlighter with the old brush you used for the dark foundation. Use a fresh brush and draw the straight line down the center of the nose. Blend but make sure not to blend with a dark shade. If you want to slim down wide nostrils, then apply the shadow to the sides of your nose as well.

5) Do Not Wear Specs, Instead Wear Contact Lenses!

You can see the difference in both pics as specs are making her nose look wider and more bulged out.

6) Use shadow to make a crooked nose look straight.

Brush it down the sides of your nose, between the shadow and highlight. It will help in soften any harsh lines. Next, quill the shadow towards your face. Brush across the side of your nose, beginning just next to the highlight, and going towards the side of your face.