Stop Holding Those Farts In! Here Are 7 Unexpected Health Benefits Of Passing Gas

May 16, 2017 @ 07:07 AM By Damandeep Kaur

There is no doubt that farting is the fact of life but still, it is something you never want to do in front of others.  Many people feel embarrassed to fart in front of others, as an alternative many hold their gas for hours. Undoubtedly feeling of releasing gas is very satisfying and it is very beneficial for health. According to the fact, a fart is consisting of 9% nitrogen, 21% hydrogen, 9% carbon dioxide, 7% methane, 4% oxygen and 1% hydrogen sulfide (this is what makes it smell).

The stench of a fart depends upon many factors. One of the major factors which play important role is your diet. To reduce the smell, you should avoid foods like cabbage, beans, broccoli, and bran. The amount of gas caused by different foods will vary from one person to another. For instance, two individuals may consume the same type and amount of beans. However, they amount of gas in each individual will not be the same.

Releasing gas isn’t the most amazing way to improve or assess our health; however, it is a sign of a healthy, well-functioning digestive system and balanced level of gut bacteria. So, let’s take a look benefit of releasing gas you didn’t know! 

1) It Reduces Bloating

Bloating is the result of storage of gas in your gut which is released by farts. If you are feeling that your stomach is looking bigger and pants are feeling a little tight, consider cracking a rat. And although holding in your gas won't actually harm you, it can still make you feel like a sausage in too-tight casing. "Your digestive tract is like one of those big balloons clowns use to make animals,” says Ganjhu. “Anything that affects downstream will affect upstream.” What she means is any sort of air buildup lower in your gastrointestinal tract, like in your colon, will eventually push upward and cause bloating and discomfort around your midsection.

2) It Manages Diet

Passing farts constantly can help you to determine whether or not your diet is balanced as your body will react different way to different food. For example, if you are eating a lot of red meat, you will experience stinky farts. It is all about carbs as if you eat a lot of carbs, your farts will be more frequent but they’ll have a more neutral odor.

3) It Reduces Abdominal Pain

Holding far can cause abdominal pain which is also called as intestinal distension. Let your fart pass as it will help to relieve the pain. After releasing the gas you can gently massage your belly to let gas flow through the digestive system.


4) Smelly Farts Are Healthy

It is a fact that everyone loves their own fart’s smell but no one will admit. It is shocking fact that smelling own fart is healthy as it is because the hydrogen sulfide produced in our intestines while digestion can prevent mitochondrial damage to our cells. It will prevent heart disease, strokes, and arthritis.

5) You Will Get To Know About Food Allergies

Flatulence can determine whether or not we have certain food allergies like lactose intolerance and Coeliac Disease. This is because you will pass a lot of extra gas after consuming them. Farts can help us to determine whether we are allergic to certain food like Coeliac disease and lactose intolerance. You will get know by how often you are farting after consuming a certain food.

6) The Feeling is Satisfying!

There is no doubt that the feeling of farting is fantastic. Trying to hold it inside can make us feel uncomfortable and cranky but releasing it makes us feel satisfying. If you feel shame in passing gas, you can try the below mentioned activities to reduce your farts:

#1Make sure you don’t have any conditions that require medical attention

#2Eat in Small Portions and Eat Slowly

#3Avoid carbonated drinks and Artificial sweeteners

#4Get more exercise