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Your Eyebrows Say A Lot About Your Personality

Eyebrows besides enhancing your appearance also tell a lot about your personality. By looking at the eyebrows you can guess personality trait of others. But how to read eyebrows is a big question.

Today we are sharing how you can predict personality by looking at eyebrow. We categorized eye brows into 5 types. First check your eyebrow and then read below to know what they said about you.

1. Straight Eyebrows

You are the reliable and really helpful for others. You are good at multitasking infact the best by default. You are also best in managing your personal and professional life.

2. Arched Eyebrows

You have good sense of color. You like to work with perfection and to achieve this you try hard till last minute. You have a good artistic view and you are fully capable of being a good designer or painter.

3. Upward Slanting Eyebrows

You are born to be leader. It’s very hard for you accept your defeat. But this defeat and your rival motivate you the most.

4. Droppy Eyebrows

Sensible, friendly, emotional, sympathetic, confident etc. are the words to describe you. You always get troubled by others problem rather than yours.

5. Curved Eyebrows

Your unbiased, fair, cooperative and perfect blend of emotional and friendly nature make you a best problem solver for others.

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