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When Doctors Return The Baby, They See THAT! 1 Year Later, The Father Runs For The Life Of Her Child.

Leeim Morseman is a small one year old baby who lives in Bath, in New York State (USA). It is unfortunately born with spina bifida, a malformation of the spine that occurs before birth and causes paralysis and loss of sensation in the lower limbs. If he wants to one day have the chance to maybe walk, he must multiply the long hospital stays, intensive care and numerous physiotherapy sessions. But his parents, Sarah and Bryan Morseman, simply not afford to pay all these treatments.

Desperate, the father of Leeim has an idea one day to be able to pay the hospital bills: he decides to run. And not just a marathon, but three! Bryan has been training like mad to run three marathons in eight days, each of the races taking place in a different State. Bryan has one night to rest between the first and second race (40 km for each): an unimaginable effort to the human body.

But the unbelievable happens: Bryan manages to win three marathons! He thus manages to bring together 5570 dollars to pay for medical treatment of his son. "I thought my son with every stride and pain of the race is nothing compared to the suffering he must endure," said the father of 29. "Leeim gave me the energy that inspired me and brought me to the finish line."

"I can only say how proud I am of my husband. He works 40 hours a week and found more time to run 160 kilometers each week to support our family and loved our little Leeim "exclaims Sarah on Facebook. "My husband is really the best in the world!" And Leeim has a father who is willing to sacrifice his body and his health for his own child!

To pay for medical treatment for his son, Bryan Morseman ran three marathons in eight days, and managed to win each prize! If Dad could do anything to help his son, also hit you, then share this story with everyone you know. Everyone deserves to know the story

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