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What These Cameras Record In The Subway Is Just Extreme!

Each day, trains and buses carry millions of passengers who want to go from point A to point B. People like you and me. But sometimes there are some specimens that make the trip, how to say ... unforgettable. Looking at them, we just ask: But what is this FUCK? 12 demonstration with these examples!

Thanks to a new spacious design, take the subway, it's like never leaving his sofa.

The advantage of having a car without the inconvenience of caps. It has it all!

The class pure ...

Even the sinister creatures can no longer scare the passengers, who looked rather annoyed that their Metro is late again.

And sometimes we would like some of these creatures avoid daylight.

Meanwhile the tram at 9:30 am ...

Watch out!

The day starts well for him! At least with coffee full figure, it's awake now!

NEVER skip breakfast ... no matter where you are.

When you're in a rush to make dinner tonight. Time optimization, level "hardcore"

Should the next delay would prevent the large commission go ...

I'm sure he has bought it for not bothering to the tram ...

Okay, we admit, take public transport is the preferred activity of person. But sometimes it is really an extraordinary experience. If these 12 passengers you also laugh, then share these photos with your friends!
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