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What Kind Of Person Are You Based On Your Finger Shape

Did you know that by just looking the shape of finger you can know about the personality traits of others? Yes, it’s true. Fingers shape reflects a lot about personality. If you want to know what your finger shape tell about you then read below. We categorized 3 type of finger shape and named them as A, B and C. Check your finger shape and read below.

Type A finger:

• You pretend to be cool and independent.

• You have a big heart and you are always ready to help others.

• You are quite emotional and arrogant type.

• You try to be happy and hate lies.

Type B finger:

• You are afraid to be hurt and pretend to fine when you are not.

• Once you fall in love, you will give him/her full attention.

• You appeared to be strong and independent. But you are soft hearted from inside.

• You stick to your decision until the end.

Type C finger:

• You are cold toward people you’re not close. But you are very emotional to people who are close to you.

• You never pay much attention towards anything.

• You are fair person and hates hypocrisy and deception.

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