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What Does Your Date Of Birth Reveal About Your Personality?

Astrology is the science of study of position and relative motion between celestial bodies to interpret its effect on human affairs. Numerology is a subsidiary branch of astrology and it deals with the significance of number, basically with your birthdates.
Your Birth-date tells a told about your personality. Let’s see what it says with the help of numerology. (If your birth-date is two digit numbers then add the digit to get your number.)
1. You preferred leading instead of following. You have many friends and you also good at taking responsibilities.
2. If you are number 2, then you are creative and a lover of art. You can make friends easily.
3. Number 3 people are strong, logical and caring.
4. People with birth-date digit 4 are highly independent and drama tends to follow you.
5. You are intelligent and practical. You remain serious but still like to listen to jokes.
6. Number 6 are physically fit and are beautiful. They are also carefree.
7. You have highly developed mind. But your behavior is pretty much immature.
8. Your have good sense of money. You are creative and risk taker.
9. Person with birth-date digit 9 are generally broad-minded, idealistic and compassionate.
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