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Top 3 Eyeliner Hacks You Should Know

Eyeliner is must for beautiful and attractive eyes. With use of it, you can give different looks to your eyes. But sometime use of eyeliner becomes messy and really irritating. That’s why here are some eyeliner hacks to make it use very easy.

1- Applying straight and clean eyeliner is never easy. But if you use scotch tape as shown below than it will help you to get straight and clear strokes.

2- Cat eye flick is very attractive but very difficult to achieve. Using a spoon is really helpful. Create a straight line using end of spoon at edge of the eye and then create second line as shown is figure. Now, fill the gap n between. Now, you have perfect cat flick.

3- Warm your eyeliner pencil tip on lighter and allow it to cool down. When you use it, you will get gel eyeliner like finishing.

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