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This Couple Adopts Triplets. But They Have The Shock Of Their Lives In The Hospital! Incredible!

Sarah and Andy Justice, who live Tulsa (Oklahoma, USA), have always dreamed of having a baby to complete the harmony of their couple and found a perfect family. But no one imagined what happened to them.

Sarah and Andy have known each other since they attended the university benches and they immediately fell in love. After graduation, the lovebirds get married and want to start a family. Yet they fail to conceive.

Nobody really knows why. What they do know, however, is that they do not have the 60 thousand dollars that would allow them to resort to artificial insemination. They decide to adopt. And lucky them, they find a woman who is in an advanced stage of pregnancy, and has already planned to adopt her child. But a little before birth, a big surprise awaits Sarah and Andy.

The surprise comes when the couple discovered the latest ultrasound performed before birth: the surrogate mother does not expect one, but THREE babies! Nobody knows if the error comes from the mother or the adoption agency. But it is likely that the surrogate was not completely honest in order not to compromise the adoption. However, Sarah and And do not hesitate one second and camped on their position: these children what they want most in the world. Thus they become the proud parents of Joel, Hannah and Elizabeth.

Born in eight months, the trio must remain under medical supervision. But everything goes exactly as planned. In fact, the real shock comes totally unexpectedly!

Sarah is pregnant! Which is normally the best news in the life of a couple, like a cruel game of fate! Nobody could have predicted it, but one thing is certain: the family will really grow!

Because of his medical history, pregnancy of Sarah is considered dangerous. And a second shock comes after the first reviews: Sarah not only expecting a child but twins! She still remembers the chaotic state it was when Andy called to tell him the news. After the first ultrasound, she called her husband and asked: "So, it's a girl or a boy?" After a moment of hesitation, finally unravels her throat and she manages to say, "Well, one of them will be a boy ... "and it is the radio silence. Andy understands immediately and lets out a cry of surprise. "Do not worry darling. We'll make it! "

Here Andrew ...

... And Abigail born six months later in this perfect family. This couple, who thought never have children ended up in a few parents of babies 5 months!

So obviously, the first few months have not been easy for parents. The little band uses 300 diapers a week! Needless to say, they have also forgotten what does all regular sleep schedule.

But one thing is sure: Sarah and Andy are extremely grateful and happy about what happened to them. The young mother said: "If I could turn back time, I would do exactly the same thing. Everything is perfect like that. 5 Our children are our greatest treasure! "

Sarah and Andy really had an extraordinary destiny, who gave them the greatest gift that it is possible to have.

Share the story of this family blessed by fate. It shows that hope is always rewarded.

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