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Things To Do And Don't During Pregnancy, You Must Know About Don't

It is clear, the pregnancy is a special time in a woman's life, requiring some adjustments. To find your way, here's a quick summary of what the general opinion is to do and to be avoided during these nine months rather special.


First, to be followed regularly by a professional. Upon confirmation of the happy event with a pregnancy test, it should make a blood test to confirm pregnancy and check exactly when it has started. Then, equipped with these blood results, take an appointment with his / her gynecologist of record. Make a point with them, to be examined and plan the different stages of pregnancy monitoring (ultrasound, followed by the weight curve of the mother and the developing fetus, examination of the breasts and cervix, etc.) . Everything should be normal, but those regular appointments with a doctor are also used to prevent possible complications and to find solutions (or other drug) has some small inconvenience possible (vomiting, nausea, fatigue, stomach pain , uterine contractions ...). In the second quarter, is also an opportunity to decide the place of birth, the practitioner who will perform and make contact with them (plan being prepared childbirth, and the purchase of baby outfit and the kit of the mother for their stay in the maternity).

Then we declare this pregnancy to his CAF (Family Allowance Fund), which will provide you with useful information for possible support (material, financial) which you could benefit during your pregnancy and after the baby's birth.


It sets up a healthy balanced diet. It monitors and diversifying its supply to progressively pregnancy. We can make an appointment with a dietician to take stock, increase the intake of certain essential nutrients for growth and development of the fetus or be prescribed calcium, vitamin D and iron if identified dietary deficiency. It reduces (or eliminates even better) the consumption of tea and coffee. We drink lots of water, at will. It limits his intake of sweets and fatty material added. We eat when hungry. It takes a real breakfast (bread, cereals, fruit, dairy products), it prevents nausea mid-morning. It is well cooked its meat and protein sources. It is careful to expiration date of products (including dairy).

The Sport

In terms of physical activity, soft gym, aqua gym, walks, preparation for childbirth, relaxation therapy, yoga .... everything is good! Gradually, we restrict sport and we no longer care than those that relax us and make us good. It is precisely for household cleaning! It is delivering its races. It is helped up standing for all stations (vacuum cleaner, dishes, cleaning tiles, floors and en-suite bathroom ...) and heavy work (development of the baby's room, hanging wallpaper, furniture assembly , spring cleaning) and we sit as soon as possible for the rest: peeling vegetables, cooking, ironing, etc. And then you get used to what the house is a little less nickel than before! When baby gets here, anyway, we will have to give up his apron Brie Van de Kamp (psycho-rigid housewife "Desperate Housewives" for those who live in the north pole and have no TV! "). We rest as soon as we tired, so even if all the posher in early pregnancy, it's normal, it's hormonal. Normally, it calms the 2nd quarter. To resume the last crescendo when baby starts to weigh its weight and the mother's body must provide for 2!

We made love! We can make love during pregnancy; as you want! and when you want! If there are no complications in pregnancy and if done in workmanlike, with gentleness, there is no indication-cons at this level (except of course the practical SM is allowed to fall for a while). As in pregnancy and weight gain, it takes just comfortable positions and favorable for the 2 partners, that's it! At the very end of pregnancy, it is still a little attention to the risk of opening the cervix. We talk to her gynecologist who will explain all this in detail.


Power Level

A pregnant woman should never decide alone starting a diet: all diets are cons-indicated during pregnancy, except those prescribed by the doctor at the onset of some symptoms (diabetes gestational example). Is It deprives nothing and it does not restrict your diet, even if there are some monomaniac desires! We do not feed exclusively strawberry or yoghurt! This would create harmful deficiencies in the fetus as much as the mother. We do not eat for two, eat 2 times better! It is not double-calorie intake, the risk of detonating his weight curve. There is no meal jumps! Fractionated, 4 or 5 snacks a day facilitate a little more delicate digestion during pregnancy (digestive system a bit lazy during these nine months) and the distribution of calories throughout the day. We do not eat when you're not hungry. Believed we forget to eat (meat, fish, vegetables, milk and cheese) to prevent certain diseases including toxoplasmosis. It is not too nibble between meals. We do not eat spicy, not exotic dishes of dubious provenance. Abroad, on a trip, you do not drink tap water and washed off with mineral water. One does not drink and does not smoke, that's still evident (the opposite, extremely harmful to the baby's intrauterine life)! And it does not take any medication without they have been previously validated by a doctor aware of your pregnancy!

Level Of Physical Activity And Sport

It throws the foot! More no binding activity or violent for the body, or fall risk (horseback riding, rollerblading, bike compet, marathon, windsurfing, skiing, stilt, what do I know ...). And in the first month, the risk of miscarriage is most important at the first and last trimesters of pregnancy.

On A Psychological Level

We avoided all the little annoyances of everyday life. We take advantage of her pregnancy, we listen, we flourished and radiates this unique light that gives unmatched sparkle to any expectant mother.

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