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The Woman Draws On Her Hand. You'll Never Guess Why The Police Then Arrived

A desperate woman hears of a new unusual campaign. She immediately took this photo and sends it to a social worker. The next day, police went to the home, along with the social worker. Soon, the police spend handcuffs on the wrists and husband took him to the station.

The husband of the woman beats her and mistreats her, even with his four children. Thanks to an Englishwoman who had the same unfortunate experience, the suffering of the young woman stopped. At the time when it was totally hopeless beaten the English had the idea of ​​this quiet campaign to help identify victims of domestic violence.

All the victim must do is draw a black dot on the palm of his hand. The entourage is supposed to understand that the person is suffering and so can help in an emergency. Just call the police to change the lives of these people and save them.

Most people who are victims of domestic violence are in such pain that it is generally impossible to speak. They even fear for their life or the lives of their children. One word can have dramatic consequences. The Englishwoman, who prefers to remain anonymous, created the "Black Point Campaign". She said: "Too many people suffer in silence because they can not ask for help to anyone."

The slogan of the campaign is simple: "Stop the silence surrounding domestic violence."

"Thanks a million! I did not even have to draw a point. But what was more terrible in my life is gone, "wrote a woman who has escaped from his worst nightmare. Many victims who are determined to make use of this simple but effective way. And women are not the only ones to show their suffering: the victims of domestic violence are men more likely to testify.

One in four women is a victim of domestic violence in her lifetime. In 60% of cases, the acts of violence occur in the home. These figures are more than terrifying! Do not look away! Share this campaign with all your friends to help victims to end their suffering! It is often a matter of life or death.

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