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The Truth Behind Fitness Selfies Exposed

Hello Guys We’re constantly bombarded with images of beautiful fit models with their perfect flat bellies, six-pack abs, and firm butts, high cheekbones and sculpture-worthy jawlines. Hardly do we see pictures of real bodies. The only times we actually see those bingo wings, double chins or butts with cellulite is on the “before” pictures. Those before and after pictures are everywhere and all we want is to one day look like the “after” picture.

We possess about getting that perfect body. But is it even real?

Then one woman, however, is out to prove how misleading the hashtag — short for "fitspiration" — can be.

The name of Sophie Kay, a personal trainer based in London, recently posted the following side-by-side photos to the blog of Fitology. So look here

Mr,Sophie Kay, a famous personal trainer, took it upon herself to prove to people how easy it is to fake the before and after shot. She took pictures of herself a mere 3 minutes apart, but when you look at them it looks like she lost about 5-10 pounds.

First things No one looks good in harsh light. Not even Angelina Jolie. For the before image that’s exactly what’s used. If you know stand directly underneath is an overhead light – you’re promised a bad picture. If you’re lit from behind, that also can create a silhouette that you won’t be a fan of. For the “after” picture good lighting is a must.

Mr, huffington post ran in 2013 by trainer andrew dixon. He want showed how he couldachieve this "before and after" look using a variety of methods in an hour . So please don't believe everything you see....

Then know you can see faking those ‘before and after’ photos is extremely easy anyone can do it. Makes you wonder about how many of those are real and how many are fake, doesn’t it? I give best advice is to just stop comparing yourself to other people and if you’re on a journey to becoming fitter and healthier, create your own path, So please don’t try to copy anyone person.

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