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The Father Sees One Thing Lying Near Her Daughter. What He Does Next Is Crazy!

Each father is certainly one of the most difficult moments of life: find another man in the bed of his beloved daughter. At that time, we say that the important thing is to know out of this situation while remaining in control. This dad tells his experience and everything related to it and publish everything on the platform Reddit. His testimony is gold bar and the story is instructive.

"One morning, I went downstairs and saw THING: my 17 year old daughter lying with a young man. Both asleep after a night which had certainly not been easy. Very quietly, I prepared breakfast, I went back upstairs and told my wife, my son and my other (younger) daughter down quietly. Our dining table is in front of the sofa, and 7 meters separate the two furniture. We all sat down and I shouted: "BOY!"

Never in my life had I seen someone get up so fast! "BREAKFAST IS READY!" I was talking in the same tone as someone who would have liked to suck her soul from her body. I pulled the chair next to me and told him "sit down". The rest of the family remained silent, his eyes fixed on the plates without even blinking.

The 7 meters that separated him from the chair have certainly been the most difficult to cross for the young naked man. He tried to hide his morning erection, which I must say was quite impressive. My youngest daughter and my wife watched speechless scene. After dressing, he sat. My son, who is 1m93, patted her shoulder, looked into his eyes and shook his head. He became very nervous. You could almost feel the fear in the room.

With my best Russian accent, I asked him, "My good man, I will ask you A question. The answer you will give is VERY IMPORTANT for YOU ... ". He was dripping with fear.

"Do you like cats?" He looked at me like I was the eighth wonder of the world ...

In fact, it was a very nice and friendly guy. Clearly ignorant but not stupid. There was something unique in him. My daughter assured me it was a very nice and attentive waiter. She knew him for a month at the time. He returned every day since that morning. But he's never stayed the night.

Every morning, he had the look to take him to school on his bike and he brought home. He made sure she was doing her homework well, took care of her when she was sick and we were working. He invested a lot of time and made a lot of effort. He had the patience of an angel when she was a very bad mood. He told us that he had no family, no education and no regular work. She adored him, he adored. Who was I to prevent my daughter to learn from his own mistakes?

It went on like this for about eight months. Then one day my son came to me. He had learned about the type. It is that he was homeless. His father was violent, had committed suicide. His mother, a drug addict prostitute died three weeks later. They had lived in a caravan. He was 15 at the time and survived 3 years on the streets, sleeping in parks, Army Hi, with "friends" in hotels at the con. He had odd jobs in the building when my daughter met him at the riding school, as he picked up the shit horses in spades. It was a cute guy and, you know, a girl of 17 years ... the raging hormones ...

That's where I was. I knew a young man of 18 or 19, who was polite, always smiling and always had a smile off again. Who cared about others, no doubt, and that made my daughter happy. A kid who had never had the chance to be a child. With an absent father, manic and suicidal drug addict and a prostitute and mother. Sometimes fed by neighbors. Often starving.

Sometimes when he does not come home because he is on a mission, we lack. My son and him are not the best of friends but they get along well. My youngest daughter made him complete confidence and my wife considers him her son. And me ? I sometimes worried about him. I want him to be happy.

One day I told my wife and youngest daughter, what I learned about him. They cried. It was hard to tell everything. I was disappointed with my eldest daughter. She knew. She should have told us. She loves him and let him go every night ... but where? (Small heartless bitch!)

The next day I gave him a double of the keys to the house. I told him I expected him to come home every night. The following week, we arranged the guest bedroom and took him to the shops to buy her furniture. It is resourceful enough and wanted to be his own boss. He likes to build things. We saw that he had at least enough education to do that.

That was in 2000. It's been 15 years now. My son "adoptive" and my daughter started their own business. They gave us two wonderful grandchildren last year. Twins: a son and a daughter. "

Seneca once said "life is not to wait until the storms pass, is learning to dance in the rain". If this father threw the boy to the door, the family would never have experienced the joy and happiness that currently inhabit.

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