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OMG! A Woman Sees Something Amazing To McDonald's And Post On Facebook!

Never say that there are more heroes today: what the employee of McDonalds will move you fail!

Destiny Carreno live in Chicago and want to quickly switch to McDonalds for a bite. But while waiting in line, she sees a man in a wheelchair in front of the counter. At first, nobody knows what he wants, because it does not clearly articulated. But then he shows a little sign on his lap where it is written: "! HELP ME PLEASE" A fast food employee responds immediately and takes care of the disabled man.

The employee, whom we only know his name is Kenny, a menu command him and takes him to a table. But that's not all: Kenny also takes the time to cut his food into small pieces and feed the unknown. Calmly and with much patience, the young man continues to help him when he takes the risk of losing his job (working conditions at McDonalds is often very difficult and leaving few places to altruistic gestures). But he does it anyway!

When she got home, Destiny posted the photo on Facebook. She wrote underneath touched the hearts of thousands of online:

"I saw this today and I had tears in my eyes! Compassion is not yet outdated ... To be honest, I thought the cashier was not going to help, especially at this peak time in downtown Chicago, but I hallucinated seeing it closed the cash and disappeared from my sight. Then he came out of the kitchen, sat down and began cutting meal gentleman and helped him eat! There I started to have tears in his eyes. From the heart, I felt that what he did was admirable. I could not hold my tears in this crowded fast food. That employee, who gave up everything for him, overstepped its responsibilities to help the disabled client. This is the nicest and most humble thing I've ever seen. "

Sometimes such stories really put the balm to the heart. This story shows that people who have a heart have not disappeared and continue to care for those in need.

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