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OMG! Here is One of The Biggest Scandal of the Church! I hallucinated Seeing THIS!

In 1578, thousands of corpses are discovered under the foundations of Rome. At the time, we thought it was the Christian martyrs and excavations were undertaken to dig them up to glorify them as it should. The discovery of these so-called "catacomb saints" came as a coincidence, at the time of the Reformation. The aim was clearly to strengthen the faith of believers into thinking that something incredible had happened to their bones.

One by one, the bones have in fact been assembled to form complete skeletons. The details were worked meticulously. They were sent throughout Europe. Their particularity: they are dressed in gold and jewels, covered with precious stones and pearls. The bodies were dressed extravagantly!

Knowingly using full symbolic relics, skeletons represented various saints. The artists worked with skill to describe the immense wealth that awaits Christians courageous in life after death.

The corpses were decorated and placed in churches to be seen by the most possible faithful. Through specific relics, it was easy for the faithful to recognize each saint, because of its "signature". For over 200 years, people have asked these bodies as saints! When in the nineteenth century, the scandal was discovered, many "catacomb saints" were destroyed.

But some were saved and hidden in vestibules, cellars and attics. There, they continued to be protected like treasures. In hiding, the skeletons have survived two world wars. Then they fell into oblivion, becoming a legend.

Seeing these opulent treasures, one word comes to mind: amazing!

The author and photographer Paul Koudounaris has a mission to recover the bodies and supposedly lost saints. They were eventually located in various underground, secret passages and rooms. He was able to find more than 70 skeletons throughout Europe.

This body, with these grotesque gemstones replacing his eyes, is supposedly the Valerius martyr discovered in Weyarn, Germany.

These photographs invite us to take a journey into the macabre but fascinating time. In a past forbidden and almost unimaginable.

These photos really give goose bumps. If you too have been horrified, then share them with all your friends and let them discover a mythical world long forgotten!

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