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Nobody Believe The Age Of The Woman. Can You Guess?

We used to see the models begin their careers while still adolescents and end up too old for podiums and 25. But this woman has a special destiny. Can you guess her age?

At first glance, it is difficult to tell the age of the "daughter". Twenty, thirty or forty years? It's really hard to find.

Her name Yasmina Rossi. It is a French who lives in New York and has been a model throughout his life. But most people can not even imagine its exact age.

Because most people do not believe in the answer: this woman, already a grandmother of two grandchildren, is 59 years old!

It started as a top model when she was twenty years but it was only much later that she has really made known: in 2012, she appeared in a Christmas advertising. Soon, all the photographers snapped.

Since then she made the fashion magazines worldwide and connects the pubs for many brands.

When we ask her about her body, she says she prefers to 59 years when she was younger. But Yasmina beauty secret to a perfect body is incredibly simple.

"There is no big secret. I always ate organic, long before it became fashionable. I hydrate my skin and my hair oil with rapeseed oil. Once a week, I do a scrub with olive oil and sugar. And I eat a lawyer and bio organic meat or fish once a day. "

And of course, the sport too. But not too much.

This woman is really a model: healthy nutrition, some exercise and you can slow down aging of the skin and body. If you also find this model of 59 years dazzling, then share these photos and his secret with everyone you know!

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