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Nightmare Dental Procedures Done On Kids

A dentist in Florida named Dr. Howard Schneider has been accused of abusing child. He abused children because they are easy to deal with. He has a unusual habit of making parents sit in waiting room, which give him enough time to abuse child patient.

One day, Brandy Motley, brought her daughter to this doctor for routine dental checkup. When she was sitting in when waiting room, a nurse appeared and tell Brandy that there had been an accident with her daughter. When she entered the room, her daughter was covered in blood.


She informed police about this incident but law enforcement agency didn’t take her seriously. Then she decided to take this matter to social media. Her case gains support from many others parents. This make Schneider to relinquish his medical license, closed down his clinic and left this area. He still saying that he is innocent but criminal charges added everyday against him are saying that he is guilty.

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