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How To Turn Off Hormones that Are Causing Weight Gain!

Many of us think that weight gaining primarily related to our exercise habits and calorie intake. But new studies suggest that hormones imbalance can also be responsible for overweight. Today we are sharing how you can turn off hormones responsible for weight gain.

Leptin is a hormone which secreted every time while eating and also responsible for weight gain. Due to imbalance, this hormone stop working as intended and your brain doesn’t able to decide whether you are empty or full. To overcome this problem, try not to eat more and also cut down processed food.

Cortisol is a stress hormone responsible for converting blood sugar into fat. So if you are gaining weight then cortisol can be a big reason behind this. To control this, try to lead a stress free life. Some exercise like planking, stretching, push-ups are also useful.

When estrogen level increase, you are likely to develop insulin resistance which ultimately gives rise to weight gain. Increasing fiber intake in your food is very helpful in such condition.

Increase in testosterone level in body play a large role in weight gain. Try to maintain appropriate level of testosterone in body.

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