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His Coffin Is Already Buried For Five Weeks When This 22 Year Old Girl Wakes From Coma!

A class trip turns to tragedy: four teens are in the car with their teacher, who drives a white van on the highway, when a terrible accident happens. A truck struck the mini bus and destroyed the vehicle. Passengers are either seriously injured or dead spread on the road.

Three of the students and their teacher died. Among them: Whitney Cerak. When her parents learned the death of their daughter, they are in shock! Their sunbeam would hardly be 21 years. Bereaved parents must bury their daughter. The body of Whitney who was terribly disfigured by the accident, the Cerak family did not want to know what happened. They prefer to keep an intact memory of their daughter and not see what state it is in.

The parents of Laura Van Ryn Jean also receive a call from the hospital. Their daughter is the only survivor of the accident! She is in a coma, severely injured, his head swollen. Doctors warn that his appearance will be different after the accident and can not promise that she will one day return home. But Laura fights. Yet his sister doubt of his recovery.

For her, Laura's teeth do not match those of her sister. But for 5 weeks, the girl is struggling to survive. His brain has been affected, it is not fully conscious. But his family begins to notice some changes. Laura called foreign names. Finally, gathering all her courage, her sister asked: "How's your name?" The answer shocked everyone!

The girl managed to scribble his name on a piece of paper: "Whitney." The family believes are simply not! They watched for weeks over a total stranger, never giving up hope that their daughter back to life. Laura was buried there a month ago, under another name!

The Cerak family does not believe it either! Five weeks after the funeral of their daughter, they receive a call unreal. Their daughter is alive! She recovered slowly! They do not believe in luck but they are saddened for the family who took care of their daughter for 5 long weeks while their child was long dead. How has this incredible exchange does happen?

They finally manage to solve the mystery of the false identity. The two young blonde girls were lying side by side, totally disfigured by injuries. Next to the body was Laura Whitney's wallet. Rescuers then believed that the survivor was Laura and Whitney had died.

Whitney has no memory of the accident and five weeks in hospital. She only remembers when his parents entered her hospital room. The young woman was married four years after this terrible accident and is now the mother of three children. His brain injuries have healed completely after several years of treatment.

The terrible fate of these two girls linked these families forever. Although Van Ryn family suffers terribly, they are happy for Whitney. And the Cerak family will forever remain grateful to the family of Laura for staying with their daughter for five weeks.

"It's a little weird," says Whitney. "I did not know them but I really got to know them since. The parents told me several stories about their daughter and I love the fact of knowing better. It is as if I also lived for Laura. "

If this incredible story also touched you, then share the story of Laura Whitney with everyone you know!

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