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Easy Tips Grow Long Hair Naturally With This Overnight Treatment


Hello guys Do you want long beautiful hair on which people stop to admire? Many people dream of having long hair wearing fashionable, but do not know how to get such a result. Most of us do not realize that what we put in our bodies can affect what happens to our hair. Developing good habits for hair care can also help prevent hair break before they become quite long. Read on to learn how to get longer hair as fast as you can. These methods also make your healthier and thicker hair.I hope you like this below.

1.Change the way you wash your hair.

Factors such as how often you wash your hair and the temperature of the water you use can affect the length of your hair. This is because washing your hair too often (think if you wash them every day) and use very hot water will cause them to dry out and become brittle. This leads to break the hair, preventing hair from becoming long and thick. The solution ? Do not wash your hair more than three times a week and use the coldest water you can handle. First, wash your hair less often might make them look a little fat. Wear a hat for a few days until your scalp gets used to produce less fat and this will balance out. This should not last long! If you do not like the shower with cold water, try to wash your hair in the sink with cold water outside your usual showers. When you shower, keep your hair wrapped in a shower cap.

2.Dry your hair gently.

Do you quickly blot your hair with a towel, brush and do a blow dry? You break your hair! You will not have long and strong hair, because you handle them too harshly when they are wet. Think of your hair like a good quality fabric garment. Do not you would throw in the dryer, you étaleriez gently to dry slowly. Treat your hair with the same care. After washing, gently pat with a towel and let them finish drying in the air. Do not brush your hair when they are wet. Wet hair tends to stretch and break more easily than dry hair. If you need to sort out, use your fingers and a wide tooth comb and wipe it gently in hair knots. Do not blow dry except for special occasions. Blow drying often causes damage really like brittle hair, frizz and split ends and it is not easy to repair. You then just have to wait for new hair to grow back.

3.Do not use chemicals on your hair.

The shampoo and conditioner you use may contribute to poor hair growth. Most commercial shampoos contain sulfates, which remove all the natural fat of the hair and make them more vulnerable to damage. Conditioners contain silicones which cover chemicals and hair should be washed with a stronger shampoo. This cycle is really damaging to the hair! Here's what you can do instead: Make a final wash your hair with a strong shampoo to get rid of any remaining silicone. Do not treat them this time, unravel them carefully and let them dry naturally. Do not touch your hair for a few days. Do they do anything - do not wash, do not défrisez nor use products. The next time you wash your hair, use a natural shampoo. Read the label and use a shampoo that contains only natural oils and other detergents, chemical free. You can even try to pass you shampoo! Treat them with apple cider vinegar. This really works and when they dry you will not feel at all vinegar. For a deep conditioning treatment, try using coconut oil. You never want to go back to lotions packed with chemicals you used before.

4.Try hair styling techniques and natural products

Similarly, start using milder methods when it comes to style your hair. Use sparingly heated tools such as curling irons, hair straighteners and of course hair dryer. Redeem stuffed lacquers and gels chemicals against their natural counterparts. This will allow your hair to be longer and stronger and they take their own texture, unique and beautiful. You can make your own hair gel from non-harmful ingredients. To smooth flyaways and frizz, apply some argan oil or other cosmetic oil for hair, rather than use a product without a prescription. Try natural methods to curl or straighten your hair without heat.

5.Protect your hair against external damage.

Cover them when you spend long hours in the sun, swim in a chlorinated pool or spend time in places where there is a high level of air pollution. Your hair may be damaged by repeated exposure to these elements, then attach them to a scarf, a hat or wear a swimming cap and make sure to use gentle washing and drying methods then to keep them in good health.

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