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Doctors Make A Startling Discovery In The Skull Of An American Woman Suffering From Headache

Venue consult doctors because of severe headaches, an American of 31 years was faced with a diagnosis of the most nightmarish: the medical team found no less than 8 tapeworm eggs in his brain. Sensitive souls refrain…

There are times like this, where we would have preferred the doctor did not tell us the truth ... Yadira Rostro, a resident of Garland, Texas, for example, might have not wanted to learn as eggs ver solitaire had lodged in his brain for two years ... She suffered for months from headaches, as violent and random accompanied by alterations in vision. Unable to determine the cause, she finally decided to consult. After conducting a series of tests, her doctor was able to establish this diagnosis worthy of a horror movie scenario.

Eight eggs in the brain

Yadira Rostro had been parasitized by tapeworm eggs, known as the tapeworm. This family pet Platyhelminthes prefer the comfort of the digestive tract of a pig or beef, as it usually crosses ours a reasonably harmlessly. Sometimes, however, the worm in the body travel through the bloodstream. In such cases, the parasite becomes particularly dangerous to health, as it can go up to lay her eggs in the brain of its host. As with Yadira Rostro. She was immediately hospitalized to remove him eight eggs lodged in his brain. The young woman is now out of danger and doing well. According to his doctors, the worm would be found in the body of Yadira Rostro during a vacation in Mexico two years earlier. During his stay, the patient has certainly been consuming contaminated meat or water containing a tapeworm or its eggs, a way of fairly standard transmission in this kind of parasite.

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