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10 Bad Habits That Lead to Weight Gain

Today’s lifestyle and hectic schedule gives rise to many problems and weight gain is one of them. Junk food, processed food etc also play an important role in weight gain. Excessive weight gain itself gives rise to many diseases. Your very little mistakes are responsible for weight gain.

Today we are sharing 10 habits that lead to weight gain.

1- You don’t eat breakfast

This makes you to eat more throughout whole day.

2- You don’t drink water

When you don’t drink enough water, your mind got confused and signal your body that you are hungry. Ultimately leads to weight gain.

3- Your Love for diet soda

Diet soda is low on calories but sweetening agents used in these can increase your appetite.

4- Your late night conversation

This makes you to stay awake till last minute of night and your body suffers from unnecessary stress. This is also responsible for weight gain.

5- You worship your Television

When you start worshipping your television, you start playing with your health.

6- Social site become your new home

Thanks to social site, now you don’t need to go to your friend home for talking. This left no time for you to burn your calories.

7- Stress is now become your new friend

Stress disturbs metabolism and ultimately give rise to weight.

8- You prefer fruits flavor

Fruit flavor is not same as fruit. And sweetening agent used in them are really not good for you.

9- You postpone lunch

Delay eating while you are hungry, rises cortisol level and slow down your metabolism.

10- Soft-drinks fulfilling your H2O needs

Now we drink soft-drink when we feel thirsty. It’s not good for your health.

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