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Your Sleeping Position Reveals Secrets About Your Personality!

Most times, it's our astrological sign that reveals our personality, but this time it's a different technique that you will discover. The position of your body during your sleep can reveal your personality!

Rather stubborn, cranky, creative, persevering, generous, etc. ? Find out now!

1. The fetal position

You sleep in a ball on the side with your hands near the face. This means that you have had a troubled childhood is lost. This position is linked to that of a fetus in the womb. It is a sign of insecurity, you are a person who needs to feel protected. You are sensitive and sometimes shy against people you do not know.

2. The semi-fetal position

You sleep with crossed arms and body leaning forward. Your legs are squatted down your bed You are afraid to find yourself alone and you are lack of affection. Despite this fear, you lead a very balanced life and you trust to others and yourself.

3. The position in the trunk

You sleep like a straight arrow, placed on one side in bed Your hands are along your body. According to some scientists, you are a very people friendly and open-minded. You make so much trust people that sometimes you're naive. You are also stubborn and yourself. When you make a choice, you change reviews!

4. The position of soldier

You sleep on your back with your arms along your body. This means you are a person who loves the quiet and privacy. You are reserved, but very friendly and you have confidence in you. You are not easily influenced, you have a well-wrought character and you keep a mystery party.

5. Lying down

You sleep on your stomach with your hands under or over your pillow. This shows that you are nervous and rather delicate. You have a lot of charisma and you like being around while keeping the leading status. You are a perfectionist, and despite appearances, you do not have a lot of confidence in yourself.

6. The position of the star

You sleep on your back with arms and legs spread. This means that you are someone very outgoing. However, you do not feel the need to be the center of attention. The friendship and sharing are very important to you. Wisdom is also one of your great qualities.

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