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Woman’s Best Friend Marries, The Man Who Raped Her

A girl was raped by the fiancé of her best friend. When she exposed the rape to her best friend she ignored her and married the rapist 3 weeks before his trial. The accused is a Royal Army Medical Corps officer and his name is Daniel Howard.

The victim said

“I was meant to be a bridesmaid at her wedding. We were meant to have children at similar times and raise them together.

“I only said something in the first place to try to protect April.

“I couldn’t have stood in church on her wedding day knowing what had happened and that it would most probably happen again.”

The woman added:

“Our whole friendship group has become divided when I most needed my close friends.

“I went travelling around Asia by myself before all this – now I’m scared to live by myself in England.”

Daniel attacked this lady at his home. He left the bed he shared with his fiancée April, to rape her best friend. The terrified victim tried to call her boyfriend but his phone switched off.

Her boyfriend killed himself because he couldn’t bear to think of what happened to her.

She said: “He felt partly responsible for what had happened; he had turned his phone off that night. I couldn’t get hold of him.

“He never forgave himself for that. He always worried every time I went somewhere and wouldn’t sleep if I went out, it put a strain on us.”

“He committed suicide a few months after we broke up.

“Even though there were multiple things contributing to this it had quite an effect on him.

“He was always my rock and supported me through everything. I feel this is partly my fault. The rape made me a nightmare girlfriend. He shouldn’t have had to deal with anything like this.”

She went to hospital alone. She said this incident break her and no of her friend was their when she needed them the most. Hospital staff contacts the police.

When Daniel was arrested, he denied the allegation. He claimed she had found a sex toy he had used weeks earlier, which was responsible for his DNA to be found in intimate swabs of victim.

In her statement, victim said

“I’m really upset my friendship with April no longer exists.

“April was my best friend from Uni. I can’t actually believe she doesn’t believe me. A person I really cared for and who cared for me has been turned against me. I can’t believe April is a witness, fighting against me when we always fought together and for each other.”

“He loves April and April loves him so why this happened I will never know.

“I blamed myself until I had counseling. I thought the playsuit I wore was too provocative, but any 24-year-old would have worn it. Then I thought maybe I looked too similar to April.

“I never worried and would dress up in ridiculous outfits at Uni with April, we didn’t care. I’m so conscious of other people’s perceptions now.”

She added: “I was ready to buy my own house but don’t feel confident enough to be by myself.

“It sounds silly but I am frightened someone will come and get me again and no one will know. I had a job I loved, a strong relationship, a bright future.

“Now I feel damaged and broken. My sister is a lot more protective of me – I’m supposed to be her big sister.”

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