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Why You Should Stop Biting Your Nails Now? Reasons Will Blow Your Mind

The nail biting affects us all at some point in our lives, directly or indirectly. This bad habit of nail biting began in childhood or later, it is difficult to get rid of. What are the best practices to stop biting your nails?

Having beautiful hands, it starts with having nice nails. Yet nearly one in three French is concerned with the nail biting. How to get rid of this bad habit, which prompts us to chew our nails, sometimes until they bleed and we spoil life? The causes of nail biting can be many but it's important to try to understand them, to better understand the issue. If this habit is often associated with stress, she sometimes begins in childhood, because they are bored or simply because we're hungry. These people may retain the habit of nail biting until adulthood. When onychophagy appears later, however, the causes are due to stress, work-related, economic conditions or family life. It even happens that bites his nails without realizing during his sleep.

The health consequences

The nail biting is not only an obstacle to the beauty of hands, the disease can also affect our health, but also our social life. Some people bite their nails until they bled. This leads to pieces of red and sore fingers to bloody cuticles. The transmission of germs from the mouth to the hand and the hand to the mouth may lead to infections at the root of the nail or in the mouth. In some extreme cases, pus may appear on swollen fingers. Besides the appearance of the nails which sees modified, onychophagy also causes problems dental, gum infections and promotes tooth decay. It is therefore important to find the right solutions to stop nail biting.

Little tricks to stop ...

There are several ways to stop nail biting. Some methods are mild and non-invasive, with more or less success. To begin with, the nail biting is often related to stress, you can look for ways to relieve the pressure, as if put in sports for example. It can also simply be an activity that keeps our hands busy and away from our mouths! Chew chewing gum is also a good anti-stress remedy. Fashionistas will be happy, they may also adopt the false nails, which offer hands a beautiful manicure and nails the ability to push below. Less aesthetic but also effective: the dressing. A requirement not to put another nail gnawing. The most conventional method and proven remains unquestionably the bitter varnish, applied as a varnish simple, it has a repellent function. Be careful not to get used to the unpleasant taste and not noticing it. Can also be applied on the nail of essential oils containing Cinnamonum Cassia, which gives a bitter taste.

... And behavioral therapies

It bites his nails for intimate reasons and often deeper than what you might think. The first thing to do is to try to understand what pushed us to become onychophage. As to stop smoking, there is a simple method to stop biting your nails, a small book written by Bertrand Labes: I stop biting my nails. Lined with self-will and persuasion, this technique may suffice. For the reasons that led us to chew our nails and unlearn this bad habit, we can be led to consult a psychologist. This will help us understand and relativize the cause of nail biting. One can also use hypnotherapy (such as smoking cessation), by consulting a specialist or by listening to audio recordings of people biting his nails. Finally, some psychiatrists will plebiscite behavioral therapy along with medication based antidepressants when, in rare extreme cases, the nail biting is associated with psychosis.

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