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What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Intimacy Life

Using zodiac sign to predict your future is the main part of astrology. The planets, points, and your sun sign, when combined, can predict your coming time. But did you know that zodiac sign can says a lot about your intimacy life. According to astrology, Venus and Mars are the planet of planet to show $ex and relationship life. Read this to know more.

• Aries

People under this sign loves action and spice in their $ex life. They believe in action and if they want something, they want it.

• Taurus

Taureans are firm in their decision and love to be intimate in pleasant surroundings. They can repeat the same things in bed without getting bored.

• Gemini

This category of people are intimate mentally first then physically. They love to talk dirty during their intimate moments.

• Cancer

They are emotional people and if you want to enjoy your cancer partner then make him feel love.

• Leo

They are confident and passionate while performing in bed.

• Virgo

Virgos want their partner to be perfect in bed.

• Libra

They love experimenting new techniques for pleasing.

• Scorpio

Scorpions are emotional and sensitive but dominating while in bed.

• Sagittarius

There is no limit for them in bed. They change their partner and experiences quite frequently.

• Capricorn

They are shy, sensuous and love slow going. They are harder to convince to try new things.

• Aquarius

They start slowly but once they get involved totally, they spark fire.

• Pisces

They shows high level of maturity and while in bed they can easily sense what should be their next move.

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