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What Your Eyebrows Say A Lot About Your Personality

Whether fine, thick, long, short, curved, ... your eyebrows say a lot about your character and way of being.

Your eyebrows say more about you than you think! For Jean Haner, expert in "face reading" interviewed by the site Cosmopolitan.com, they reveal your confidence, your logic, your motivation and your organizational skills.

Thus, short eyebrows reflect difficulty managing stress. Individuals presenting does not like to be confronted with the problems of their friends.

People with long eyebrows have, on the contrary no difficulty in understanding the stress, or to listen or help friends in trouble. These are very good workers, which can be very competitors.

Of course fine eyebrows or almost nonexistent, "symbolize people who we tend to doubt themselves, who believe what they say about them," decrypts Jean Haner.

If you have thick eyebrows, you are particularly active. You usually do show confidence in you. You can easily feel frustrated if it prevents you from doing what you want.

If a person presents too curved eyebrows, it can be seen as pretentious, whereas it takes him a little longer than others to feel comfortable. A perfectionist, she generally good taste.

The low brow show that the person is accessible and easy going and keeps its promises. These eyebrows have their little nickname, the "coach eyebrows" because those who can stay with you until you succeed.

Women with rounded eyebrows are kind and think of others. "They also have tact and always want to create win-win situations, explains the expert. They are not lonely girls."

If your eyebrows are rights, you use logic when it comes to making a decision. The emotions are secondary.

The sharpest eyebrows "are people who like to have fun, who think, speak and decide quickly," says Jean Haner. With a good sense of humor, they need stimulation and are spontaneous.

Finally, people with very worked eyebrows lack confidence. They also have more difficulty making decisions.

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