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What Can Your Toes Reveal A Lot About Your Personality

Hey everyone the author is a journalist, producer of TV shows and researcher in naturopathy. The book reports the results of research which made him discover that our toes are mirrors of our personalities and our characters. With photos reproduced , each can apply himself the method of observation of his own toes.the shape of your toes reveal a great deal about your personality. So here's a detailed description regarding various foot shapes and what it says about you.

1.Second toe is longer than the big toe.

It clearly indicates that you’ve got excellent leadership qualities. You are smart and creative and great with training a large group of people.

2.A normal looking foot .

People with such a foot have a tendency to deceive and are commonly misunderstood by everyone. Spies or secret agents have feet like that. Generally, people with feet like this like to travel and explore new cultures and like to have new experiences.

3.A very tiny little toe.

It depicts a playful and childish nature.

4.Little toe forming an angle

These people are in constant need of change in their lives. They hate being mundane and will often seek outside stimulus.

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