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Visible and Hidden Signs of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the most feared cancer among woman. According to a survey 14% cancers are breast cancer. Around 232,670 women are diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014.

You can defeat breast cancer by noticing it in its early stages. For early detection of breast cancer, it is important to understand the anatomy of breast. Understanding of anatomy of breast will help you to detect visible and hidden sign of breast cancer. Have a look below to know about some hidden and visible sign of breast cancer.

1- The first, and most common, sign of breast cancer is a LUMP IN THEBREAST – 9% of these lumps are benign and confused with cysts. Breast cysts are sacs of fluid in the breast tissue, which are quite common.

2- A LUMP OR THICKENED AREA in either breast or in the underarm area, it can be detected by regular self-examination for breast cancer .

3- A CHANGE IN SIZE OR SHAPE of one or both breasts.


PAIN in either breast or armpit unrelated to your period.

5- DISCHARGES from either nipple is a matter of consideration and should be checked by doctor.


Dimpling or sunken skin on your breasts, often referred to as “orange-peel,” from similarity of appearance


-Rashes around your nipple

-Redness or an enlarged underarm lymph node

This poster is one of the best illustrations that summarizes the visible and hidden signs of breast cancer:

12 signs of breast cancer, revealed ~ A: Hardening B : Pinching C: Erosion D: Red & Hot E: New fluid F: Dimpling G: puckering H: Growing vein I: Nipple retraction J: Asymmetry K: Orange skin L: Invisible lump

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