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This Dog Saved A Premature Baby From A Dumpster In Thailand

In the year of 2013, a dog named Pui not only received a new leather collar as well as a medal from the Red Cross Foundation, but he warmed the hearts of society through his heroic acts. A helpless newborn baby was abandoned at roadside dump in Thailand. Left In a plastic bag and still with her umbilical cord attached, the new born was left to die.

Pui, a male Thai Bangkaew who was known to roam the neighborhood, found the baby and carried the plastic bag back to his home. The Bangkok Post reported that Pui alerted his owners by barking loudly causing a 12 year old girl to come out of the home. There she discovered the suffering newborn who was then immediately rushed to the hospital. Weighing only 4 pounds and 8 ounces, the newborn was determined to have been born prematurely and was in critical condition. Pui’s owner and other families expressed interest in adopting the baby but authorities still tried to find her biological mother. Her mother was suspected to be a teenage girl working at a factory in another area. Pui was not only honored by the collar and medal, but his family was also awarded $300 to buy food for him.

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