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Pregnant beaten by her husband, she finds herself on the street until THIS happens to you in a supermarket!

Pregnant beaten by her husband, she finds herself on the street until THIS happens to you in a supermarket!

Here is a story I found on the Internet, a story that has something that gives us faith in humanity!

The story was originally published in English, but I took the time to translate for those who do not speak English can understand.

I translate the story word for word, and so kept the first person to keep the story as original as possible.

Here is the translation:

"I'm standing in line at midnight. In front of me is a young pregnant woman, about 20 years old. She's pajamas, and clearly we see that has seen better days. (She has a black eye, which worries me a bit.)

Cash used: "Did you find everything you wanted?"

Young pregnant: "Yes, thank you. You can see if my card has something before passing the articles? "

Cash used: "No, sorry. I can pass is one item at a time to see how far it goes. If you do not mind waiting I pass the other three people in line, I will be happy to do for you. "

Young pregnant: "No, no, let's try. I hope that the deposit has already come. "

(A cash used passes the articles but the card is declined)

Cash used: "You have another way to pay?"

Young pregnant: "No ..." * * starts to cry "... He may have canceled the card."

Cash used: "Cancelled the card?"

Young pregnant: "My ex-boyfriend kicked me out tonight. He came home and told me that the baby could not be his, hit me and threw me out. He should have called and canceled the card. I do not know where I'm going to put all this. A friend is letting me use your refrigerator until I can get an apartment. "

(One of the customers in line behind me says)

Customer behind me: "Ma'am, put the items on my bill."

(I set off for the customer behind me could push his cart forward It is + or -. A $ 200 food, and the young pregnant woman has about $ 150).

Cash used: "Of course."

Young pregnant: "No, no, I can not."

Customer behind me: "Honey, I understand you. My mother was expelled by my father because he thought she was sleeping with others. She worked two jobs to keep a roof over my head. I will not let a deadbeat put his girlfriend on the street, just because you have trust issues. "

Young pregnant: "I can not. It's too much. I have no job; I can not pay it back. "

Customer behind me: "Take my card. I saw you here a few times during regular business hours. You are always very pleasant with employees and everyone in line. I need a receptionist for my condo. Come tomorrow for an interview. I give discounts to my employees in income if you want an apartment as well. "

(By this time, cash maid had finished moving all items)

Cash used: "The total is $ 459.92."

(The customer behind me gently passes next to the pregnant young. He passes the card, enters the pin, and then embraces the young man.)

Customer behind me: "Things get better. Come see me tomorrow; I'm serious."

(Lord, wherever you are ... You have restored some of my faith in humanity. Thank you. Girl, wherever you are, I hope you and your baby have a great life, and you find someone to look after you and give you like the love you deserve.

I hope you have gotten this job, but judging by the way the man spoke, I am sure it is!)

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