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Lip Plumping Tutorial Step By Step

Lip Plumping Tutorial

Octo-lips! This will show how I did my Alita lip make-up, but also helps with general lip plumping and making your lips appear bigger.

Start with clean face.
Ex-foliate your lips. There are many methods, here's a few. Wet toothbrush, rubbing a towel on them after a shower or exfoliant pad.
Put on your favorite lip balm and do your make-up. Take concealer or lip eraser and go over the outside of your lips. Pick a lip liner. Ideally something a little darer than your lipstick. Since this is for Alita, I went with brown. Lip liner should be around the lips, figure out what works for you!
Put on your regular lipstick. From here, go with a nice lip gloss. It will help the effect. Take your con-cealer and put it in the inside of your lips.
Take a piece of paper and fold it. Place it above your teeth in the gum lines. You'll change this a few times. I actually made it kinda small this time, so they could be bigger.
Before, After and with a different color.
There you go! Simple right? Lip plumpers don't last long, so this is a much more long term method. Re-member to experiment as well!
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