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How To Find A Fake Michael Kors Bag

Michael Kors bags are very popular for their differentiate design and shape.However the average price for an authentic Michael Kors bag is around $ 300 , while you can find the fake one for $30….But as we know, it’s not about the brand, is about quality. Below we have two Michael Kors bags that look the same, yet are so different! Sometimes You can see the quality on the handle on the fake one is all wrinkled and if you get to touch them both, you will see that you get what you pay! However, not everyone can afford the real deal and that’s fine, as long as you know you are buying the fake one everything is good…but the point of this article and pictures is to help you prevent from paying the big money for a fake one! Don’t fall for it; look at the pictures closely and determinate if you are buying the real Michael Kors!









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