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Estrogen-Rich Foods That Help You Balance Your Hormones

Estrogen is female hormone responsible for number of roles in females. It produce in ovaries and responsible for skin and vaginal health, speeding the metabolism and more. And therefore its deficiency can give rise to many problems from disturbing metabolism to $ex life. Today we are sharing some food which can increase and balance the estrogen level in body.


Flax-seed tends to high in estrogen level. Regular use of walnuts, chestnuts, flax-seed, sunflower seed etc. can increase estrogen level.


Breakfast of cereal and whole grain; trigger the production of estrogen in body.


Garlic has a number of health benefits including production of estrogen.

Teas and Coffee

Research at the National Institute of Health has shown it can also increase estrogen levels.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is beneficial for your skin, nail and hair. It is also helpful in regulating hormone level in body.


Legumes such as black beans, red beans, and black-eyed peas contain an amazing 5,330 micro-grams of estrogen per 100 grams

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