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Easy Tips For Voluminous Ponytail Step By step

Hello guys! Here we are going to show you how easily apply innovative and ideal Voluminous Ponytail Properly.So, just have a look at this new Voluminous Ponytail, and leave your comments about it.

You should start with little things, like:

The wing of the eyeliner;

The french manicure;

The volume of the ponytail.

Here we will guide you that about the last upgrade. The ponytail is one of the easiest ways to remove the hair from your face, but it doesn’t mean that the hairstyle should look simple. I will show you how to upgrade the ponytail in order to look better than ever – it will become voluminous. Take a look at the steps:

You should think about the roots, if they are too greasy. You can solve the problem with dry shampoo. There is no need for hair wash, because the hair will be tied into a sleek ponytail.

Brush the hair while holding it with the hair and run the brush through the roots towards the other hand.

Before the brushing procedure, you have to put an elastic hair band around the wrist of the hair that holds the brush. Also, put the volume-makeup tool somewhere near you.

So, while holding the whole hair into a ponytail, place the tool under the ponytail and hold it with the hand with the hair band. Then pull out the hair band and wrap it around the hair and the tool at the same time. Make sure the hair is tied tightly.

Spread the tail around the voluminous tool in order to hide it.

If the hair is wavy or curly, you should make it straight, otherwise it will divide into strands and the tool will be visible. If you need to use flat iron., you must apply thermal protector to the hair.

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