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Dozens Want To Puke When They See Her In A Bikini. But What A Stranger Does Instead Is Incredible.

Sara Gebert is 20 years old and lives in Pittstown, New Jersey (USA). In 2013 she was diagnosed with pseudo obstruction - chronic intestinal and gastroparesis.

This rare disorder of the digestive tract means she could not eat or drink during the past two years. Because of this provision, Sara came to vomit up to 60 times a day!

Should make an artificial diet in which multiple entries are placed in your body, nutrients are delivered directly to your stomach, and thus can achieve have a rudimentary life again.

One day the valiant Sara decided to go on vacation, and that's when this girl had an extraordinary encounter with a woman who allowed him to later write a letter published openly on the Internet.

"The woman on the beach, who thanked me for wearing bikini:

I do not know how hard it was to draw near unto me on the beach you, but I know it is difficult for me to talk to strangers. But you came near to me giving me the confidence that both needed, people sometimes do not suspect that we have self-confidence problems, especially because in my case, I am always surrounded by questions that make me feel insecure. I saw me as I really am. A frightened child, who is always trying to get anyone to see the fear in their eyes.

I do not know if it was for this reason that come to me or not, but I want to thank you. Living with a chronic illness is not an easy thing, and it's even more difficult when the disease changes your appearance as happened in my case. With clothes no one realizes that there is something wrong with me, but on the beach, is a completely different story.

Everyone is exposed on the beach but I literally expose my insides. I have a colostomy and two feeding tubes, which is something you do not see every day. I'm used to and I'm already normal. But for others, I am something out of a science fiction movie. But you saw me as a person. Do not you looked intensely for my medical equipment, looked me in the eye. And for me, that's something I have to thank.

I do not know if apercebeste you, but I was embarrassed. There are so few people coming up to me, they look at me unpleasantly and go so far as to ask me: "You will actually use it in the pool?". When I decided to come to this beach, I prepared myself for the worst. But what happened next made me feel great respect. You thanked me for wearing bikini. Until you tell me who performed a colostomy and you do not already have colon. You told me that what I was doing was inspiring. This honestly is the world to me.

While doing the suitcase for the trip, I tortured me for hours thinking about the bathing suit should use. In fact, I experienced many as I could, until I spent some money to buy a new one because I thought I should not go to the beach and hide my body. This morning I made a last minute decision, that's how I chose to wear a bikini, something that did not hide my belly. I was so nervous. Probably all adolescents have complexes about their bodies, but the complex about my stomach multiply by 1000.

It was not long until I start to feel uncomfortable, I kept thinking that all eyes were focused on my stomach. But since you have spoken to me, just a few minutes later, all my worries disappeared. At that moment I realized that no matter what my stomach, or the looks of the people, now, my only concern is to choose my next bikini!

Thank you. Thanks, restaurant add my faith in the goodness of human beings. Thank you for making me feel comfortable in my skin. And finally, thank you for giving me the confidence to enjoy my vacation to the fullest. "

If you also moved this beautiful letter from Sara brave shares it with all your friends, and contributes to the disease is known.

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