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Daredevils Scale Unfinished Skyscraper Without Ropes to Take Breathtaking Selfie

Is it true that you are willing to free-climb a large number of feet up into the sky without ropes for the ideal selfie? These gentlemen did. Unafraid of falling a large number of feet to their passings, two challenging young fellows climbed a 115-story high rise to take the selfie of their lives.

If you appreciate taking selfies and aren't apprehensive about statures, then you will appreciate the tricks of these two youthful Eastern European picture takers who will do anything for the ideal selfie, including climb up the no frills of a 2,165-foot (660 meters) unfinished high rise, without ropes, to take the most amazing perspective from a great many feet open to question.

On the way up.

Vitaliy Raskalov, 21 from the Ukraine, and Vadim Madhorov, 25, from Russia join their affection for photography, free-climbing, and statures in their venture they’ve titled, On The Roofs, which makes them move to the extremely highest points of the world's tallest structures to take the ideal picture.

Unequipped with ropes or security bridles, and bringing nothing with them aside from a camera, a selfie stick, and a clear unlucky deficiency of apprehension, Vitaliy and Vadim climbed to the highest point of the Shenzhen Finance Center in China, which is required to turn into the world's second tallest building when it is finished in 2016.

Steel girders blocking the view, need to go higher.

Since the development group and the gatekeepers had disallowed them from climbing the steel shafts and supports of the high rise, the two renegades picked the most prominent time to make their rising – Chinese New Year, when the entire of China was caught up with celebrating. They even picked a lock to arrive.

The trip took them a sum of 18 hours, and to spare time, they got rid of rest in their mission to achieve the to

Dangling at the top of the world.

It isn't the first towering structure they have climbed, either. The two have vanquished high rises and tower in Japan, Chicago, California, New York, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Cairo, Israel, and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

How high would you go for a selfie?

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